Premium Property Blended Strategy

Allocated to institutional Quality investments and those selective value-add investments that will become institutional quality after repositioning
Or Higher Targeted Net Investor Return

Our Premium Property Blended Strategy is an enhanced return strategy that combines 75% Core investments with 25% Value Add investments. The platform uses maximum 40% average LTV leverage to drive a combined 12% or higher net investor return. The platform relies on strong contribution from operating cash flows with the Current Return component comprising 50% to 60% of the Total Return.

Low Leverage

Use of maximum 40% initial LTC for Core investments and 40% LTV after re-positioning for Value-Add investments.

Strong Component of Return

Targeting current return component of 50% to 60% of the total return.

Low Risk Investment Blend

Blend of 75% institutional quality (Core) and 25% allocated to repositioning opportunities (Value-Add).