Core Investments

Tier 1
Allocated to stable high performing and fortress quality assets
Of the realized gain from the current return component
Or higher targeted Net Investor return

The Core Platform provides the investor a combination of stable returns with steady distributable cash and capital preservation over the long term. We acquire well located, top-tier properties that maintain a strong competitive position in their sub-market. We look for properties that have opportunities in their under-market lease roll, NOI improvement and marginal lease-up gains. The Core strategy targets a 40% or lower LTV in year two that provides a minimum 6% operating cash flow contribution. In the Core Platform there is less reliance on the Terminal Value with the Current Return generally comprising 60% to 70% of the targeted Total Return. Investments are expected to provide a 10% or greater Net Investor Return.


Solid Trade Area Fundamentals

Looking for well-balanced property fundamentals including strong competitive position, retailer demand and rent growth.


Use Low Leverage

Maximum of 40% of the original acquisition cost for institutional quality.

Strong Component of Return

Targeting current return component of 60% to 70% of total return.

Invest in Dynamic Markets

Focused on large US markets with more than 200,000 persons and other selective dynamic markets with strong growth forecasts.

High Quality Assets

Invest only into institutional quality assets..