Our Approach

Foremost, We are a Good Partner

Cobalt has a meaningful financial stake in each transaction, which provides an aligned interest with our investors and a framework to define the strategic and tactical components of the Plan.

Three Key Ingredients

We know from experience that there are always three inter-related components in the investment process. To optimize the financial return performance they must each be successful on their own:

  • Buy it at the right price
  • Manage it to its fullest potential
  • And then know when to sell

The People Make the Difference

Cobalt offers the Investor a unique opportunity to co-invest with an established and highly-qualified team of retail and retail property experts with superior knowledge of the markets that we have targeted. The US retail property sector has a proven 40-year track record of institutional performance and transparency.


We are proven to be good stewards of institutional invested capital as demonstrated by multiple transactions and long term relationships with clients and partners, some lasting nearly thirty years. In this process, we have learned the proper balance between discipline and entrepreneurship. We also understand the importance of effective reporting and have satisfied our institutional client’s needs since inception.

Retail properties are a specialized business

It all starts with understanding the consumer’s needs and knowing the best retail mix to optimize performance of the asset. Unlike other property types, retail has a unique focus on first serving the needs of the consumer. The organization must support research to understand the continually evolving nuances of the consumer demand. Likewise we must take the ongoing pulse of the retailer community and the ever changing landscape of both the Best in Class and those emerging retailers who are striving to be Best in Class. Our goal is to lead change not just observe it.

Our Investment Criteria

The Property Quality vs. Risk Continuum

Ours is a dynamic and continually changing retail property environment. As knowledge-based investors, our understanding of the consumer and shopping patterns are second to none. We are committed to driving NAV through aggressive leasing, tenant retention, alternative revenue generation and cost management. Our Business Plan always focuses on the proper competitive positioning and garnering support within the community to seek local public sector support through incentives where possible to change the property and optimize its performance.

Like our leasing experts, our team of Development and Asset Management executives are high-profile industry leaders, who have managed nationwide portfolios for some of the best owner operators and institutional investors.

Cobalt Investment Principles

Capitalize on our retail property strengths

Combine an entrepeneurial spririt with justified risk-reward measures

Invest only where we have superior knowledge of the market

Focus on dynamic markets with long-term growth drivers

Embrace technology

It's ultimately the consumer that drives value

Actively manage the details and continually search for incremental gains

Maintain high standards and be a good citizen in the communities that we serve

Remain disciplined throughout

Effectively communicate with our partners

Remain a team that collaborates for the optimum solution

Actively plan for the exit

Our Investment Strategies


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